With winter underway we are entering our beautiful citrus season where lovely imperial mandarins, super juicy lemons and oranges are available at amazing prices with excellent quality. Whilst these lines can handle the cold some of the vegetable lines such as broccoli, cauliflowers and cucurbits (which are normally coming back in price as local supply kicks in) are still in very short. Poor weather two months ago delayed planting for a lot of our local growers so this means southern states needed to fill the supply and with cold, wet weather down there it has caused a number of supply and quality issues along the entire chain.  

Grapes have crossed the peak supply point and will only get dearer from here until the Aussie fruit runs out and we move to USA imported varieties.  New season apples are still eating well - crunchy and sweet - and berries will only get better as we move into the cooler months. Melons and papaya have entered their troublesome months as cool weather causes a lot of ripening issues and especially affecting papaya which can suffer root rot from damp conditions. 

Further into the season when we have those beautiful long sunny days we are expecting our local vegetable supply to ease a lot of the current high prices we are experiencing, however this can all change with an extreme cold or wet weather event.