From the Market Floor

Tuesday 28th February 2017

In veggies this week, lettuce is getting heartier and looking good again which is great news for salad lovers. The recent showers about SE QLD have meant red and green caps, zucchinis, squash and eggplant are holding firm. Mesclun, baby spinach and rocket are eating well at great prices. Beans could be scarce as supplies have taken a hit due to heavy rain in growing areas. Washed potatoes remain firm with cauliflower firming due to low supplies also.

In fruit news, apples and pears keep rolling in, with Red Delicious and Royal Gala available in all sizes. Pink Ladies remain a little scarce until new season rolls around next month. Valencia oranges are coming to a close and Navels are not quite here yet, with US and Egyptian lines holding up the market. Mandarins are similar with imports available until local produce starts up in six weeks or so. Grapes are in good supplies and great prices. All melons are performing strongly and should remain stable. Strawberry quality is improving with supplies from Stanthorpe and Vic doing well. Short supplies of pineapple has resulted in some prickly prices, be patient. Summer fruit season is winding down with stone fruit and mangoes dropping away over the coming weeks. However, other fruits come into play, with dragon fruit, figs, carambola and nashi just around the corner.

Best Produce to Look Out For this Week

  • Pears
  • red capsicums
  • tomatoes
  • delicious apples
  • peaches & nectarines