From the Market Floor

Thursday 9th November

Well the start of November brings us to the end of a tremendous mandarin season, surpassing all expectations with the popular afourer variety being the star performer. Fear not however, as stone fruit are here to satisfy all of your fruity desires! Beautiful Kensington Pride mangoes fill the trading floor which brings us into our busiest (and most problematic) period due to the plethora of lines around and the threat of heat and summer storms to ruin them. Already we’ve had one of our key growing regions Bundaberg inundated twice with heavy rain which has caused widespread havoc on a number of lines. Sweet potato, tomatoes, zucchinis, beans and snow peas have all been affected by the deluge suffered across the state over the past month and prices may be high for a few weeks as a result. Our local stock of iceberg, caulis, corn and celery have been of fair quality weather considering however shipments from southern states such as Victoria have really saved the market as they’ve faired much better than we have of late. Soft lines such as Chinese veg, Italian parsley, basil and strawberries have all suffered slightly, however we supply from such a vast area that we are managing to source stock that has little to no rain damage. USA imported grapes are finishing up very soon and we will move over to new season Australian lines and while very expensive they eat amazingly well. Avocados are rising steadily in price as New Zealand fruit finishes and we cross into WA fruit. This is a yearly occurrence with avocados unfortunately so we may still see further price rises and shortages. Citrus is due for its yearly shortage as export ramps up and local production slows. Whether or not we will see the historically high prices we have seen in the past few years is yet to be clear, however at the current sales and supply I have a good feeling about this festive season. New Zealand kiwifruit have had a rough year due to rain and disease with production down as much as 50% in some areas, however Italain imports have saved the day offering respite to a year round favourite. 

Best Produce to Look Out For this Week

  • Continental Cucumbers
  • Cherry Toms
  • Strawberries
  • Granny Smith Apples
  • Button Mushrooms