From the Market Floor

Tuesday 19th September

Barely 3 weeks into spring we are already seeing mid 30 temp days which indicates we may be in for an absolute scorcher of a summer. While this time of the year can be difficult for a few things such as limes, avos and passionfruit, the majority of lines are loving the clear sunny days. Beautiful local broccoli is eating absolutely amazing and coming off the farm in good supply, while a lot of our local lettuce, cauliflowers, zucchinis and squash are being shipped down to Sydney and Melbourne as their supply dries up. Red onions and brown onions are firming in price as we swap over into new season growing areas and these may remain high for a few weeks. Bundaberg and Bowen are both providing extremely high quality red and green caps, and we are hoping for this to continue for as long as possible until it gets too warm for our northern growers. Mandarins are still well under way with seedless Afourers being the pick of the lot, we should see supply for another little while yet but October is normally when the season tapers off. American flame grapes are eating great with beautiful crunchy sweet freshness. Avocados have firmed right up in supply and price as we transition into WA fruit. Depending on how their season begins will be the major decider in how the following months play out with avos. Berries are still flying out the door but with this heat already on the way get in quick before it all goes south (pun intended). New season mangoes are in the markets with beautiful royal reds being the number 1 standout. This particular variety takes its stock from a line of Kensington Pride trees so don’t let the looks fool you as these are as sweet as you’ll get. Fingers crossed we are in for an absolute cracker of a season with summer fruit!


Best Produce to Look Out For this Week

  • Strawberries
  • Washed Potatoes
  • Navel Oranges
  • Italian Parsley
  • Broccoli