From the Market Floor

21 March 2018

This week we are seeing some lines such as zucchinis, caulies and broccolI easing slightly in price as our local supplies start hitting the market.  Tomatoes are up in price and will most likely hold there until after Easter.  Lettuce is very hard to source due to southern growing areas being affected by heat.  All other vegetable lines are much the same.

Quality problems continue on the asian green and herb front due to constant wet & humid conditions  in south east Queensland.  Strawberries too are affected and will continue to be a problem until it cools down and we stop getting rain. While the rain itself may not be heavy enough to cause any damage it’s the product being wet when they pick/pack which causes a lot of issues down the track with rot/mould even from something trivial like gentle handling of strawberries etc. 

 Honeydews are still very short as demand has increased and rockmelons are firming only because growers are not sending to market. Bananas haven't been as bad as expected this week with supply holding relatively stable. Supplies of stonefruit are starting to wind down leading into easter so make the most before they become not available.

Best Produce to Look Out For this Week

  • Cucumbers
  • Potatoes
  • Meslun/Rocket/Baby Spinach
  • Peaches
  • Lettuce